Halo will be taking the Goblin Circus out to a few events this autumn but is mostly preparing new stories, CDs and fantastic projects over the winter, ready to go walkabout again next summer! If you’d like to invite us to your festival, conference or event, email or comment below…

Ticket GoblinUpcoming Shows 2016!


Stall at Carmarthen Book Fair, St. Peter’s Civic Hall, 1st October 2016 (Info here!)

Walkabout, storytelling and performance at Swindon Poetry Festival, Children’s Day, Richard Jeffries Museum, Swindon, 2nd October – make your own goblin in collaboration with Motherbug Crafts! (Event details!)

Crafty Room, Storytelling and Walkabout at Wee Crafty Folk Spooktacular Halloween Weekend, Aberdare, 29th & 30th October 2016 (Click here to meet the Wee Crafty Folk!)

Storytelling at Meanwhile Storytelling Circle’s Autumnal evening, Lampeter, Artisan’s Cafe, High Street, 7th November, 6:30pm (Visit Meanwhile…)

Spoken Word Performance, Stall and Walkabout at the Fairytale Fair, Carmarthen, on the 12th November in St. Peter’s Civic Hall. (Find the Fairies here!)

Storytelling and Stall at Llandeilo Book Fair, Llandeilo, 10am 10th December 2016 (Find details here!)

Upcoming Shows 2017!

We’ve got some big gigs lined up for next year… sign up to our email list to hear when they are announced!


Previous Shows!

Storytelling at The Spirit of Brigid Conference, February 2015! Our debut!

Walkabout at Inspirali Music Festival, on the 18th and 19th of July 2015, Halo and friends explored Inspirali Music festival (near Aberystwyth)

Storytelling and Walkabout in Lampeter at Lampeter’s annualAunty Lilith Food Festival on 25th July 2015 – some of the denizens of the Goblin Circus will be out and about at the festival, playing games and making mischief!

Storytelling at the Wee Crafty Folk’s First monthly Market,  Brecon, 27th March 2016.

Storytelling at The South Wales Faerie Fest, on the 21st May, 2016!

Storytelling & Spoken Word Performance at Ceithofest, Llangeitho, on the 25th June, 2016! Kid’s storytelling show around 4:30pm, Spoken Word Performance around 8pm.

Spoken Word Performance and Walkabout at The Wee Crafty Folk’s Steampunk Extraordinarium, on the 2nd and 3rd July 2016!

Spoken Word Performance at Lampeter Food Festival, on the 23rd July 2016! I’ve been invited back to tell tales in the entertainments tent again.

Storytelling and Stall at Wellbeing Day, Porthcawl, on the 31st July, 2016!

Spoken Word Performance and Walkabout at Wyrd and Wonderful Festival, Swansea, on the 20th-21st August, 2016.

Storytelling and Walkabout at Wee Crafty Folk Splendid September Market, Abergavenny, 4th September 2016.



 Our Debut Show Report!

On February 7th 2015 The Goblin Circus débuted at a conference held in honour of the Celtic Goddess of inspiration, healing and fire, The Spirit of Brighid Conference in Penarth, Cardiff. It was described variously as:




“Epic, indeed.”

Unfortunately the Goblins decided that they were camera shy and hid all knowledge of Halo’s camera from her, so there is no video…  We definitely saw some cameras flash… but no photos have appeared thus far. This was said as part of a review of the whole conference, however:

“The evenings events a fine way to round the day off,  (starting with) The Goblin Circus with Halo Quin’s fabulous story telling, the audience sat totally transfixed to the stage and her story telling…” ~ Annemarie Fairbairn

For which we are most grateful!

What to Expect…

The Goblin Circus has two main ways of operating, firstly as a spoken word (storytelling) show, with Halo telling the tales of the Circus, and secondly in it’s (experimental) walkabout mode, where Halo and friends (such as Maurice the Gryphon or Penn the Dragon) visit and interact with the crowds. You can book Halo to tell tales at parties and events, or to surprise you at bigger events and festivals. Or both! The choice is yours!


Honeybunny 3Booking the Circus!

Soooo… you like the Goblin Circus and you’d like it to come to your town?

Drop us an email with your ideas and we’ll have a chat about what you’d like and how we can make that possible!

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