Halo Storytelling Food Festival 25-07-15
In the ents tent at Lampeter Food Festival 25-07-15

“Goblin Circus is a superb eclectic mix of stories and performance art which appeals to every age and background, the crowd really enjoyed the performance at Lampeter Food Festival 2015 and we look forward to hopefully having Goblin Circus join us again”
– Elin Jones, Chairperson and entertainments organiser for Lampeter Food Festival

We will indeed be back at Lampeter Food Festival in 2016!

“I liked it lots.”
– Rebekah (aged 6) at Lampeter Food Festival 2015

Thanks Rebekah! (For those that don’t know, Rebekah loved it so much she listened to the stories on CD every night for months and invited Halo to tell tales at her 7th birthday party 🙂 )

“A storyteller extraordinaire, a forceful ringmistress + a lady after my own heart!”
– N. Jenkins, member of The Cellar Bards, Cardigan, at Lampeter Food Festival 2015

Teehee! Ta muchly N. I still hope to join you in Cardigan sometime…

“Words cannot really express how utterly amazing Goblin Circus is!!!
Superb beautiful wondrous storytelling by a truly fabulous lady!”
– Charlotte Baston, Creator of Wee Crafty Folk events and organiser of  the 2016 South Wales Steampunk Extraordinarium.

Charlotte always makes the ringleader blush 🙂

Enchanting the Audience 2-7-16
Enchanting the Audience at the Steampunk Extraordinarium 2-7-16

“What more could make a sunny Sunday idyllic than listening to Goblin Circus stories by yourself. You have a wonderful storytelling style and a great way with the children.”
– K. Brimfield (A Big Child 🙂 ) at South Wales Steampunk Extraordinarium 2016

*happydance* Glad you enjoyed, K.!

If you’ve seen me in action please do email me or comment below with your reviews, pictures or videos, or get in touch if you’re organising an event which would enjoy a Goblin Circus!


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