Why Goblins?


Why Goblins? Why anything Fae at all and why, specifically, the ones known for causing trouble?

Halo speaks: This is a question I asked myself a lot when the Circus began to take shape. The short answer is that they chose me.

The Blue GoblinHonestly, I set out to make beautiful, elegant faery folk. Elves perhaps, or flower fairies, the kind that made me smile as a child. What I’d successfully managed to ignore was that I knew full well that was only one very tiny group of fae, and an over-represented one at that! So when I started listening to the voices that really wanted to play, I got goblins.

I wanted to play. They wanted to play. So now we’re playing together. And they let me be as fierce and as kind as I am in equal measure. Between us, we’re getting shit done. And they even let the flower fairies play in their circus too!

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A question I’ve heard recently, whilst I’ve been gathering performers for the show, is about the ethics of animals in a circus.

In fact, some folk have been Poster - Red Wolf - Sweetdownright worried.

Fear not, the animals in the Goblin Circus are not interested in eating you!

Oh. Oh I see. Gary tells me that the worry isn’t about the animals eating the audience. I see. I’d best put on my *official voice* hadn’t I?

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 The Manifestation of the Circus…

“So…” They say, “What exactly is the Goblin Circus?”

It wasn’t until I’d rambled about the comic in response to this particular question one day and the person who had posed it suddenly nodded in understanding:

“Ah, its a book. I get it.”

Huh. Well, no, not really. But at least then I knew what kind of answer people were looking for! What tangible thing is the primary manifestation of ‘Goblin Circus’? What are you making that all the rest of it is an embellishment for?

Good questions. Except they somewhat miss the point.

The Goblin Circus is, first and foremost, a lot of fun. But I listened carefully and now I have three answers for you to pick from, depending on who you are.

The Goblin Circus is…


What is the NATURE of the Goblin Circus? What does it mean? Why is it here? And why now?

Most of these FAQs are frequently asked by Halo herself, rather than visitors to the Circus. Once people get a handle on WHAT it is, they seem quite content, but when something drives you and inspires you and excites you without you quite being able to put a finger on what it is and why it should make your fingers twitch, you probably want to know what drives it too. Ultimately the best way to get to the essence of something is to hear its story, so if you’d like to hear the story behind the Circus, take a seat… and read the tale here.

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