Summer is such a busy time!

Changelings in Lampeter! Photo taken after one of our weekly development sessions!
Changelings in Lampeter! Photo taken after one of our weekly development sessions!

We’ve got our first group outing this Saturday (11th July) at Lampeter’s People’s Market, followed by a full weekend at Inspirali Festival (18th and 19th July) where I’m going to be experimenting with Walkabout activities with my changeling crew (three lovely ladies from Lampeter, Maurice the Gryphon and possibly some Cwn Yarnwn, AKA “Yarn Hounds” or “Story Sniffers”!).

Then, on 25th July, follows the Lampeter Food Festival, one of the biggest local events of the year, where we’ll be on Walkabout in the afternoon and I have the final slot in the entertainments tent to tell tales and bring the Goblin Circus to life for half an hour!

I have to admit, I’ve booked the following two weekends off to recover, as it’s our one year wedding anniversary and my 30th birthday, but it won’t be without adventure as there is the Cardigan Belly Dance festival to dance at…

Experimenting with the Cwn Yarnwn (pronounced "Koon Yarn-oon") prototype marionette.
Experimenting with the Cwn Yarnwn (pronounced “Koon Yarn-oon”) prototype marionette. Yes, the name is a pun on “Cwn Annwn”, the “Hounds of Annwn”, in other words, Welsh fairy dogs.

August will be a time to catch up, prepare for the autumn (and work on my thesis) so that come 6th of September, when Celf Yn Y Coed (Art in the Wood; a day of arts, crafts and performance in Longwood nr Lampeter) kicks off, I’ll be ready to host the performance stage (and we’ve got a Goblin Circus workshop in the works for that too. On 19th September we’ll be on Walkabout duty, ushering people between venues at the Make Lampeter Festival, and co-creating a mini circus show with whoever joins us for our workshop 🙂

There are plots for later in the year too, but I reckon that’s plenty for your diary to gobble up for now!

Maurice the Gryphon says hello!
Maurice the Gryphon says hello!

So I apologise for the quietness of the online Big Top and I hope you can see that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. I’ve been updating our Facebook page with sneak peeks of a sweet shop themed show and various crafts and happenings – (Goblin Circus on Facebook) – and I look forward to enacting some of the plans for this site I have in the works.

Oh, and finally, you may have noticed a change in the web-design today… do please let me know what you think.

Now, I’d best get a bit of philosophy on the page before packing some more boxes. We’re also moving home this month!

Meet the Tribe – Angel the Faery Dancer

Presenting Dusted DancersAngel only joined the circus recently but she has already transformed our raggle taggle dancers into a troupe of performers. In true Twyleth Teg style Angel is dainty and dark haired, but contrary to popular fairy stereotypes she is well known for her direct nature and honest heart.

Unsatisfied with life in the Capital of East Fairyland, where her particular brand of clothing was deemed too purple (it interfered with the ultraviolet tagging system), Angel ran away to join the circus bringing a bucketful of smiles (and a tiger) with her.

Under her guidance, and with carefully applied bribes of baked goods, the faery dancers and those made of dust* stopped bickering and became a family of fabulously dressed, perfectly harmonised dancing queens. Honestly though, all the choreography is, well, unchoreographed! She makes it up on the spot to keep the troupe on its toes!


*Some of our dancers, including the founding member Mary, were once human dancers who danced in a faery ring until they turned to dust, hence the troupe name “The Dusted Dancers”.

The Storyteller Rejoins the Circus!

Never a dull day in this circus!

Blue Hare Watercolour
The Storyteller’ Returns!

When we hear the thump. Thump. Thump. of a giant blue hare’s feet pounding closer, we know the storyteller has returned with tales from her travels.

Cwninglas (pronounced Coo-nin-glass) whispers in Halo’s ear and shares the stories she has heard with her great ears. Halo translates them into words spoken loud and clear into the Big Top and we all enjoy the gifts of the blue hare, whilst Cwninglas has a well-deserved nap!

Coming soon… A River of Animals, the tale of the Chinese Zodiac!

While we Wait – Meet the Ringleader

Welcome to the circus! Between the worlds faeries, goblins, humans, elves and more gather for the greatest show under the hills!

As we’re a little closer to built today. Gary tells me that I should properly introduce myself.

This is me. AKA Haloquin AKA Halo. AKA The Ringleader. AKA the goblin-fae circus tribe’s ghost writer. They tend to call me “Hey Ooooh!” Because of the noise I make when distracted by shiny things.

The Ringleader

My tale? The short version? I  went looking for faeries every day as a child… in the end they sent me to their favourite circus and the Goblin Tribe took me in. They were quite insistent that I be their emissary to the land above the hills (that’s our world) which means they’ve set me to painting posters and comics telling of their adventures, and sculpting bodies for them to inhabit when they visit here… as well as managing their web-circus right here. It might be my name in the address bar, but they’re in charge.

I’ve been playing with the faeries over at A World Enchanted for a few years and have a long time personal journal/playspace at if you’d like to see my history! Otherwise join me on Facebook or Twitter for a mix of updates and ramblings. where you can see the Goblins taking over there too…

Site in Progress – Meet Gary

This is Gary

Gary Explains


He is currently explaining why it takes *time* to build and launch a circus-worthy website and how I should come back later when he has finished. I hope you come back later too.

Gary is a Goblin Bassist… still waiting for his bass guitar, I guiltily admit. When he is not creating music, Gary likes to build things. He is very good at theatre sets but his favourite things to build are dream sets, you know the intricately shifting dreamscapes based on a surreal version of your home town? He may well have had a hand in your favourite one, especially if it featured an empty water feature… he tells me he’ll fill those with music once his instrument arrives!

Until then he is hard at work building me a website so I can share the adventures of the Goblin Circus with you all. You can find me on twitter (I’m @Haloquin) or follow the adventures using #GoblinCircus