Meet the Tribe – Angel the Faery Dancer

Presenting Dusted DancersAngel only joined the circus recently but she has already transformed our raggle taggle dancers into a troupe of performers. In true Twyleth Teg style Angel is dainty and dark haired, but contrary to popular fairy stereotypes she is well known for her direct nature and honest heart.

Unsatisfied with life in the Capital of East Fairyland, where her particular brand of clothing was deemed too purple (it interfered with the ultraviolet tagging system), Angel ran away to join the circus bringing a bucketful of smiles (and a tiger) with her.

Under her guidance, and with carefully applied bribes of baked goods, the faery dancers and those made of dust* stopped bickering and became a family of fabulously dressed, perfectly harmonised dancing queens. Honestly though, all the choreography is, well, unchoreographed! She makes it up on the spot to keep the troupe on its toes!


*Some of our dancers, including the founding member Mary, were once human dancers who danced in a faery ring until they turned to dust, hence the troupe name “The Dusted Dancers”.

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